ABLI is Wala's Master drummer and percussionist. A talented musician inspiring the audience with warmth and magic from his smile on stage. Abli descends from a talented family of drummers, dancers and musicians- becoming apprentice to his Master Drummer at the age of 11. He keeps alive the traditional West African rhythms and adds rich vocal harmonies to Wala's performances.

Abli's home is Nungua Ghana, his career began when he joined the local Teshie group Gye Nyame, then following on to join a local group from Nungua called Adwinpa 

Gaining remarkable experience and bringing dynamic energy to performances had him in high demand, joining Wassa African Ensemble. Wassa toured Cote de Voire in West Africa, as well as France, and Italy where they featured at festivals in Catania and Canicatti.

During his extensive career as a musician Abli has also been a member of groups Kente, Opense and Adinkra from his home town of Nungua; touring to the West African countries of Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso.

Abli inspires audiences with his heartfelt uplifting performances, and loves to perform to the Australian public at school shows and community festivals.