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                                       School performances:
Wala's shows generally have a duration of 45mins to an hour,
depending upon the ages of the audience.
During Wala present an exciting display of traditional African music, dance, instruments and costumes. They encourage their audience to become involved in their performance by demonstrating a variety of rhythm and movement games, then inviting volunteers from the audience to come and try out some of the instruments and dances.

Instrumentation provided:
* DRUMS: A large variety of traditional African drums from the very tall drums played with sticks to the loud crack of the Djembe, to the tiny talking drums played tucked under the arms. Each drum has it's own tale to tell and has an unique and different sound.
* BALAFON MARIMBA: A wooden xylophone with large hanging gourds attached underneath it to amplify the sound * ANTEBEN FLUTE: A traditional wooden flute *GONG GONG: A rack of traditional bells *SHAKERE: Shakers and hand rattles
*LEG SHAKERS: Shakers designed to strap on to the legs for greater percussive effect when dancing.

                                             Fees and charges: $5.00 per Person
Nexus Arts: PO BOX 1009, Elsternwick, Vic 3185 Phone (03) 9528 3416 Fax
(03) 9523 6866 Freecall 1800 675 897 for country and interstate schools.

Wala are also available for school workshops: please contact for further details
School Teachers - click here for an information sheet on Wala and Ghana

A performance by WALA not only provides a wonderfully entertaining experience for kids of all ages, it also opens them up to some enlightening insights into a culture far removed from their own.
Schools considering inviting Wala into their environment will find the feedback from one such school most reassuring.
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